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Refrigerant HC 134a Replacement car / 370gr

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Refrigerant HC 134a Replacement car / 370gr
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HC drop-in replacement refrigerant for vehicle climates operating with R134a. The contents of the bottle are suitable for factory fillings of ~ 1000g.

Thread of the bottle: 1/2"ACME right thread


The thread of the bottle is suitable for Miracle Package!


You can find the appropriate filling tube for the bottle by clicking on the button below:


Only qualified personnel should service the vehicle's air conditioning system!

  • A converter valve is required for use!

    Safety warning!

    Do not remove the converter valve from the bottle after use. Removing the valve will release the refrigerant into the environment. Leaking refrigerant can cause personal injury.



    1. Remove the cap from the bottle.

    2. Screw the conversion pin onto the bottle.

    3. Connect to the piping system.

    4. Fill until the desired evaporation pressure (based on factory refrigerant) is reached.

    5. Repeat the procedure to replace the bottle.

    FONTOS! The bottles are fitted with a disposable shut-off valve at the factory. After the first use, the converter valve can be used to close the bottle.


    In all cases, the dosing must be carried out until the evaporating pressure of the original refrigerant is reached. This means a refrigerant equivalent to approximately 33% of the factory charge.

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