• Company name / Name: Vrec-Co Kft.
    Address: Kossuth Lajos u.12, Szatymaz, 6763, Hungary
    Phone number: +36 70/602-8300
    Email address: sales [at]
    Shop name: Vrec-Co Team
    Tax number: 11394299-2-06
    EU VAT number: HU11394299
    Company registration number: 06-09-004352
    Company court: Szegedi Törvényszék Cégbírósága, Hungary, Szeged
    Bank account number: HU31117633545171488000000000
    IBAN: HU31117633545171488000000000
    Contact person name: Gábor Vidács
    Contact person´s phone number: +36 70/602-8300
    Contact person´s e-mail address: sales [at]
  • » DPD international courier service in Europe Zone 3
    DPD is one of Europe's leading luggage shipping provider.
    In this case, you need to pay first, not after delivery!
    The following selected European countries:
    Czech Republik
    Total product weightShipping cost
    0 kg2.99 kg32.81
    3 kg4.99 kg35.78
    5 kg9.99 kg36.89
    10 kg14.99 kg38.45
    15 kg19.99 kg40.49
    20 kg24.99 kg42.37
    25 kg30 kg44.33
    » With unique quotation
    If your package weight left our weight border, we will give you a unique quotation about shipping.
    After your order, in a short time our colleague will make contact with you (on workdays).
    Egyedi árajánlat a megrendelés szállítására
    » Personal pick up at our shop in city of Szatymaz
    You can pick up your goods personally at our spare part shop.

    At our headquarter, monday to friday at 8.00-12.00; 13.00-16.00 :
    Vrec-Co Kft.
    6763 Szatymaz, Kossut Lajos u. 12 Hungary
    Shipping cost0
  • » Payment for Credit Card (EUR)
    A convenient and secure credit card payment method through SimplePay.
    Accepted Card Types:
    - MasterCard
    - Master
    - VISA
    - VISA Electron
    - American Express

    For courier delivery, only for EUR currency.

    When delivering the package, no payment may be claimed by the delivery person.
    » Cash payment in our headquarter
    Currency: HUF

    Personal pick up at our shop in city of Szatymaz.
    You can pick up your goods personally at our spare part shop.

    If the shipping address is not in Hungary and currency is HUF, only personal pick up available.

    Change the currency to EUR and becomes available other payments and DPD delivery.
    » Advanced payment at zone Euro 3
    This payment type happens in advanced Euro payment.
    It can be chosen in the above mentioned European countries:
    Czech Republic

    Do not send your payment to us,
    Only if you have received a proforma
    Invoice from us. When payment
    Transfer to be made, it is important
    To indicate the serial number of the
    Received proforma.
    » PayPal
    Important! There is a 5% separate handling fee for this special payment method. Please take this into consideration in choosing.

    In the case of this payment method, we will redirect the customer to the PayPal system. There you can use your credit card or existing PayPal account to settle the payment. Your credit card details must enter in PayPal system. The merchant does not have access to or store your credit card details.
    Accepted credit cards: Visa (also some Electron cards), EC / MC embossed cards.

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