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Leak Sealing for Cars 30ml (A/C) Frigostar

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Leak Sealing for Cars 30ml (A/C) Frigostar
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Perfect for the elimination of small leakage from vehicle air-conditioner.

The tube in the kit is compatible with cars with a cooling system filled with R134a refrigerant.

  • Professional use only. Always use protective glasses and gloves.

    1. Make the vacuum of the A/C system for 5 minutes.
    2. Reach the value of „-1bar”. Keep this value for 4 minutes (nessessary condition). If you can’t keep this value, the leak is too big to be repaired.

    1. Turn the air conditioning on.
    2. Connect the hose to the syringe. Push the piston of the syringe, comletely filling the hose.
    3. Connect the syringe to the low pressure port of the air conditioning system.
    4. Push the piston of the syringe, introduce the product in the system, then disconnect.
    5. Let the product takes effect with the air conditioning turned on for 20 minutes.

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