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Heating element oven Zanussi 1200W

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Heating element oven  Zanussi 1200W
  • Heating element oven  Zanussi 1200W
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The product manufactured in Europe.
Original part code: AEG 3570076038, AEG 3581907387, AEG 3570076012, AEG 50170990001
Mounting plate dimensions (AxB) mm: 22x70
Length mm: 362
Width mm: 321

  • This product can be used the following types of apparatus:

    ELECTROLUX: EOB199B, EOB199W, EON198B, EON198K, EON198W, EON198X, EON398B,
    EON398K, EON398W, EON398X
    ZANUSSI: AHE4132UD, BM315, BM315W, BM496EW, BM902NE, BM91EB, BM91EN, BM91EW, BM91EX, BM96EN,
    BM96EW, BM96EX, BMC541, BMC541W, BMN315, BMN496E, BMS641A, BMS641A1, BMS641N, BMS641N1,
    BMS641W, BMS641W1, BMS641X, BMS641X1, BMS641Y, BMS641Y1, BMW541, BMX215, BMX315, BN213B,
    BN213W, BN314, BNN314, BNW314, BNW431/1, BST6A, BST6N, BST6W, BST6Y, HM116, HM214B,
    HM214W, HM214X, HM224B, HM224S, HM224W, HM224X, HM497E, HM497EN, HM497EW,
    HM541N, HM596E,
    HM596NE, HM596WE, HMW116, HN212B, HN212S, HN212W, HN212X, HN423W,
    Z924BI, Z924MI, Z931VGB,
    Z934BI/1, Z934BP/1, Z934MI/1, Z934MP/1, Z941BP, Z941MP, Z944BI,
    Z944MI, Z974BI, Z974BP,
    Z974M1/1, Z974MI, Z974MP, Z974RI/1, Z974RP, Z984BP/1, Z984NP/1,
    Z984SP/1, Z984XP/1, Z994N/1,
    Z994W, ZBC741N, ZBC741N1, ZBM762B, ZBM762B1, ZBM762N,
    ZBM762N1, ZBM762W, ZBM762W1, ZBM762X,
    ZBM762X1, ZBN721B, ZBN721B1, ZBN721N, ZBN721N1,
    ZBN721W, ZBN721W1, ZBN721X, ZBN721X1, ZDA45B,
    ZDA45W, ZDA55B, ZDA55W, ZHM722N, ZHM722W,
    ZHM722X, ZHM725B, ZHM725N, ZHM725W, ZHM725X, ZHM741B,
    ZHM741W, ZHM761B, ZHM761M,
    ZHM761W, ZHM761X, ZHN721N, ZHN721W, ZHN721X, ZHN724N, ZHN724W,
    ZHN724X, ZKB7238B,
    ZKB7238S, ZKB7238W, ZKB7238X, ZKH7014B, ZKH7014S, ZKH7014W, ZKH7014X,
    ZOB 7 SO, ZOB5K

    CMC605M CMC605W CMC606 CMC606W CMC693J CMC693M CMC693W CMC694W 
    CMC696X CML600W CML692W CZC6903X EK6510W ZC602 ZC6330W ZCV6640W
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