27/05/2019 14:07
New Loyalty Rewards Point System

Dear Visitor,


Please be informed of our new loyalty point collecting system which will start from 01.06.2019 in our webshop. When the loyalty point system will have been started, every 100 HUF spent in our webshop will generate a 3 points (= 3 HUF) credit entry on your account that belongs to our point collecting system..

The loyalty rewards points that you had gathered on your account can be used for shopping at any time during a 365-day period by logging into your account. At the end of the purchase process, you can select whether you will use your points in the actual shopping or collect the loyalty rewards points further. During a purchase procedure, you will be able to use the loyalty rewards points not only for compensating the 100 % of the value of the given product but for paying the shipping costs. The encashment of loyalty rewards point is independent of the value of the purchase, the loyalty rewards points can be used not only in the case when you buy a lower valued (e.g 100 HUF) but a higher valued product (e.g. 100 000 HUF), too.

For further information, please read the Rules and Features of our Loyalty Rewards Point System.

Best Regards,
The team of Vrec-Co Kft.

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